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This National Park was established in August 1991 and covers the large area of 78,125 rais in four different Amphoes including Takua Pa, Thai Mueang, Kapong and Mueang Phang Nga. The beautiful area features many well-known undulating mountains such as Koh Lak, Koh Saeng Thong, Koh Mai Kaeo and Koh Plai Bang To—all covered with the evergreen forest where you will be able to meet the rare and wild floras such as Yang Na (dipterocarpus alatus), Phayom (Shorea roxburghii), Malacca teak, Bunnak (Mesua ferria), Takhian Thong (Hopea odorata), Krabak (Anisoptera costata), etc.

            The highest mountain peak is at 1,077 meters above sea level and is home to two major rivers, Phang Nga and Takua Pa, which are very important in term of helping to sustain the water supplies to the province and also home to the amazing animals including Malayan tapir, tiger, Sumatran serow, monkey, langur, deer, barking deer, great argus pheasant, hornbill, woodpecker, bulbul, and hill myna. Something more fun and adventurous is that there are two beautiful trails you can hike to the Ton Chong Fa Waterfall—one is 2 hours (5 kilometers) and the other is 5 hours (7 kilometers) amid the wonderful lecture from the forest. Do note that a tour guide is needed.

            Located at only 33 kilometers from Amphoe Takua Pa, take the Highway Number 4 and at kilometer 56-57, the park will be on your left and the accommodation including tents are available.

Opening hours: Daily 6am-6pm

Admission fee is 200 bath for adults and 100 bath for children.


Contact: 076-485-414, 076-485-243. National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, BangKohk Office at 02-562-0760

Website: www.dnp.go.th


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