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Airstylers Kite School

Hi and welcome to Airstylers Kite School! Do you want to become part of the fastest growing extreme watersport in the world? Would you like to fly over the water with your heart in your mouth? Come and learn with the Air...

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Ao Bang Thao
Ao Bang Thao(Phuket)

Bang Thao is one of Phuket’s longest beaches located in Cherng Talay neighborhood. It was formerly a large tin mining site, Phuket’s main industry in the old days, but now a location of the luxurious resorts ...

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Ao Chalong
Ao Chalong(Phuket)

The largest and closest bay to Phuket town, Ao Chalong doesn’t own pristine beaches but a hub of sea transportation of nearby islands, including Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi in Phang Nga. Swimming is not recommended...

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Ao Dong Tan
Ao Dong Tan(Pattaya)

     Situated in the Navy base in Sattahip district of Chon Buri, this beach is a quiet place for locals and family who love to come for relaxing as the beach has never been crowded. The name Dong Tan came...

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Ao Kai-Laem Tan
Ao Kai-Laem Tan(Rayong)

Located I the amid of the fishery village beyond Laem Mae Phim in Klaeng district, Ao Kai-Leam Tan is the restful cape where seafood lovers can enjoy the freshly cooked menu in a reasonable prices from many local restaur...

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Ao Khanom
Ao Khanom(Nakhon Si Thammarat)

Ao Khanom is the largest bay in Khanom District, featuring a series of beautiful beaches such as Hat Na Dan, Hat Nai Praet and Hat Nai Phlao, which is Khanom's largest and the most popular beach. It curves along a mounta...

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Ao Mae Ramphueng
Ao Mae Ramphueng(Prachuap Khiri Khan)

   This bay is situated on the north of Wat Mahathat with a bronze statue of King Ramkhamhaeng on his throne with bas-relief at the base depicting his life. Travel about 75 kilometers south of Prachuab Khiri Kh...

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Ao Maha Chai Mangrove Forest Natural Resource Study Centre

Covering an area of over 6 square kilometers, the Ao Mahachai Mangrove Forest Natural Resource Study Center is an educational and research hub highlighting the delicate but essential mangrove eco-system. There is a natur...

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Ao Manao
Ao Manao(Prachuap Khiri Khan)

   This beautifully-curved bay is once a battlefield between the Thai and Japanese armies during the WWII, and is under the care of the Royal Thai Air Force. Part of the beach is filled with souvenir stalls whi...

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Ao Manao Khao Tanyong National Park

This curved beach, located within a national park, extends for 4 kilometers along the eastern sea coast of Pattani, and is dotted with boulders. One end of the beach borders Phra Tamnak Thaksin Ratchaniwet, a royal palac...

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