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Family Attractions

Thailand is not only a place where you and your family can let your hair down, relax, and go on some serious adventures; it is also an ancient Kingdom with a fascinating past, a country of exquisite natural beauty, and a land whose culture will intrigue you from your first hour in the country.

You should be sure to take advantage of all the attractions on offer, from the fun ones to the beautiful ones to the educational ones. This will provide your whole family with the cultural context and background to get that much more out of each and every experience and encounter you have in Thailand. You might consider planning to visit the cultural and educational attractions early in your trip—especially in Bangkok—then proceeding upcountry to apply and enjoy yourself armed with your newfound insights.

It will certainly take more than one visit to the Kingdom of Thailand to begin to grasp the long history and fascinating culture of the country.

Although there are beautiful parks and peaceful spots in Thailand’s largest cities – like Lumpini and Chatuchak Parks in Bangkok, and Nong Nooch Gardens in Pattaya – you may wish to get out into the country to find the great picnic spots and islands of tranquility.

Museums, libraries, and other educational places can be great places to take the family in between adventures in Thailand.

Wildlife lovers may want to double their time in Thailand, if possible.Families with kids who love animals – and what kids don’t? – will be in heaven.

Thailand has set aside great areas of land throughout the Kingdom to create scores of national parks, wildlife and non-hunting sanctuaries, and forest reserves.