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Nature & Wildlife

Thailand is rich with natural resources, including a variety of fauna and flora and distinct ecological zones. There are more than 100 national parks in Thailand, including more than 20 marine parks, and each park features unique attractions, outstanding facilities, and lots of wildlife. Visitors interested in exploring nature for trekking, mountain biking, photography, birding, camping, scuba diving, visiting waterfalls, or looking at wildlife in Thailand have many amazing options to choose from.

Highlight Attractions in Thailand
Huay Yai

Huay Yai Waterfall is a part of Thub Lan National Park in Wang Namkeaw District. Thai Samakkhee Municipality has improved the landscape and roads to be the tourist attraction nowadays. The way to Huay Yai Waterfall is a...

Kra Isthmus

The Kra Isthmus is the narrowest part of the Malay Peninsula. It is located in Ban Thap Li, Lamu Subdistrict, Ranong and Sawi District, Chumphon, around the 545th milestone of Highway 4, about 66 kilometres from Ranong T...